Saturday, July 26, 2008

The government is wierd

Oh come on! This is just wierd.
There are two sets of regulations on drinking water limits. PP Lingkungan Hidup no 82 year 2001 for class 1 water and Per Men Kesehetan no 416 year 1990. Both sets are on drinking water, AND BOTH ARE DIFFERENT!
Give me a break government! Are you or are you not protecting our drinking water? (rhetorical I know!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The bigger baby

I've never had the luxury of wearing a diaper when I was a baby. It wasn't popular back then, nor cheap. So my Mom had the priveledge of cleaning after me till I learned how (can't really remember when that was). She said that if she did have the resources, she would definitely use the diaper. It was sooooo hard just to clean up. She once left me alone to poop, she said one day the poop ended in my mouth... out of curiosity I guess... bleh!

But I guess I'm still the lucky one (that has to pay to the environment) because I still have the chance to. I wear diapers now. All the ladies out there... holler!

I wear pads when I get my period of course. I can't use a tampon. The idea tickles me much. But the hazard of wearing a pad is that it is prone to leak. Hence, stains that are hard to wash out. I especially dispise my periode when I'm travelling because I have to be extra careful in protecting my clothes.
When there's a lot, there is A LOT! And I'm on alert, but how can you be when you're asleep. So to prevent any 'markings' I use the SUPER HUGE LAURIER NIGHT that covers your whole ass. It's a pain to put on, but it's so worth the peace of sleeping. I'm less aware. But I seriously feel like a big baby. So this is what diapers feels like. But then I thought, what was lost without them?

My mom definitely loves me, but I can't really tell if she loves me more or less because she had to clean after me. She could love me more because of the bond and effort to raise me without the diaper, but she could love me less because she could hate it so much. And so I though about all the new moms now that more or less can afford this un-environmental freindly device. Many are my friends. What are they missing by using a diaper? The story about their kid eating poop?

And what are the effects it brings to their kids? Would they love their mom more if there wasn't any diaper? Understanding the love and attention and EFFORT they put in to raise us?
I don't know?

But how ironic life puts girls at. If guys are to be born to wear one and probably end up with one, girls are born, grew and end with one. Well guys probably have to deal with accompanying their girlfriends or wifes or daughters to buy them, and there is always the accidental findings, upss... Does that actually define anything at all? Are we big babies? We cry more, but that doesn't mean a thing. In the environmental world, it be assured that girls are less friendly then guys.
Hmmm... how interesting a device can be. Many would think its all about baby years but as a matter a fact it's a life time experience. What do you know?!