Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Believe in God, Thus I Believe in Bamboo

It’s 2013 already. A part of me is like.... meh! It’s another year. There is no significant difference before and after new years eve. I have a few plans under my belt but nothing to major besides rethinking my job. I hope to continue to travel this year with another spicy plan up my sleeve.

As for being hopeful and positive that it will be a good year? As my default is being a happy naive person that I am, I’m eager. I can’t wait to see what year has installed for me :D

Another part of me is dreading the fact that I’m turning 33 and I’m still single. I pray that I won’t be single by the time I hit by birthday. Forget that, I pray that I won’t be single tomorrow!! Considering my love life, it’s been a hard year. I’ve lost hope. Being single and out of the dating game during 2012 made me realize that there is lesser hope for me to even get married at all.

Being an Indonesian girl, I’m said to be out of my prime. And while people should set me up with dates or introduce me to people, they rather pity me instead. All in a days of an Asian single gal. Hopeless about love life in her 30s.

However, I’m a Moslem at heart. As Joan Osborne would sing:
... if seing meant  that you would have to believe, in things like heaven and in Jesus and the saint, and all the prophets...yeah God is great...
As a believer, I would also have to believe that people were made in pair as said in the Koran. I’m in a battle against my faith. I trully have lost faith in it. What have become of me?

But I remember that particular day I was transiting in a specific town which I will not mention. I made a pit stop to a Wetar friend which I highly respect but will remain nameless. Surprisingly, he was a man of ... magic (Again, because I’m a believer, I also believe that this world is full of unexplained wonders and metaphysical substance. I passively believe in it, meaning I don’t get my bizz up in dat!). He showed me many of his family heirs of which one of the them was an item of two bamboos stuck to one another. He said, a powerful religious man put the two bamboo together exhibiting the power of God to his believers. It was from a very long time ago. He assured me that the bamboo was magical and that it knew everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I believed him.

He probably saw me as skeptical (when in fact I just didn’t want to medle with it) and sat me down to prove his words. He took out a little clay pot and placed the bamboo on it. After whispering chant and greeting the bamboo, he introduced me to it. I said hi. Now, despite that this is a wierd act, I need to note that I’m one of those people that believe everything God made has a soul, including trees and rocks. So I had no problem saying hi to a bamboo.

Each with one finger, we lifted the rim of the clay pot. We were not able to direct it in anyway. And true enough,the bamboo rotated answering yes-no questions. In short, I was running up and down his house laughing out loud, amazed of what the bamboo knew. I’ve never been so closed to magic. Not this kind.

After many correctly answered questions, I was given one question to ask the bamboo that I did not have to say out loud. And so I asked... ‘is my match out there?’ We hadn’t even lifted the clay pot properly and the bamboo had already gave me a strong confident answer ... ‘Yes’. Now, I would have to believe, right? Anyone? :)