Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fan, Fans, and Pineapple

I don't know why people have to go out to have fun. Sometimes the best times are at home... I haven't had the privileged to play around with Sylvia, my mac, thus I did. I thought I would do some pictures ANTM style, complete with a fan and everything... I'm sure Tyra would be proud!

 This is fan speed one

This is fan speed 3

 These are fans :p

And this is being 14 (again)!

I just told ikansapisapi on how there are so little amount of people that are silly lately, especially people in my circle. You know, the kind that would wear panties on their heads, and go out singing on the streets. People that would do stupid but still responsible actions. I miss wackiness and I long for it. It's good crunchy laughs that anyone would enjoy. Why be prestigious looking and cool when you can be silly and happy.

The Muhaha dance.

And I was looking too far. The silly are around me. It's about joining forces and having fun with it. It's my housemates that are definitely looney, it's my indohoy mate, and it's me if I just had enough creativity. And I actually I think I know where it all roots from for me, but I'll tell you in the next post. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So bored in the office... trying to stay awake.... failed.

I just dozed of a few minutes in my chair. I'm bored. My work is almost complete but needs an OK from the boss. I'm blogging to avoid other snozzing hazzards like an open mouth when sleeping, drooling, and snoring..

It's working, but what happens when I stop blogging? .... zzz...

Monday, August 23, 2010

The pathetic bunch

Tis the month of Ramadhan again, and our social calender is booked!

This year, I've contemplated on the idea of break-fast together as what Moslems in Indonesia mostly do. I've been wondering, why do we do the break-fast together, and why is it such an important event to have a break-fast together with friends in this month, when in fact you can do it on any other day? Some say it's to strengthen human interaction, which is true, and there is more blessing during this month... but I can't understand the fuss of it??? but anyways... I attend this social gathering when I can.

Now, what came to mind is actually what I thought about after I did my break-fast with my high school friends. It was a mini reunion, and only the 5 of us could make it. Another one attended by speaker phone. It's a pathetic reunion by number I admit, but not by quality.

Since I don't hang out with them much, I used the ultimate no no question when meeting old friends or new ones... "what do you do for a living?". I don't like using this question when there is so much more you can ask about... but I was a bit curious. My friends were: an architect that had his own firm, a contractor in BTS and communications, one working in government civil department, and one is a  in business development in oil contractor company, and there was me (but enough of my introduction). The last 2 friends graduated had a masters degree abroad. The one of the phone use to work for a prominent newspaper. 

To my surprise, this mini bunch has reached a state of success. And as I recall, we were a pathetic pile when it came to academics. I cheated on my test (don't tell anyone that :P). I was better at 'techniques of cheating' than what I cheated on. My friends were too. And some are just blind when it came to test and quizzes. I remember exactly, the business development dude, he couldn't do sinch on any test. But now he's developing his bosses business for oil, a very high profile business. The civil development dude was also a disaster in school, but who can deny his scholarship to Russia? Not to mention the one devil I have at home which we went to the same high school.  She struggled at school, but now is holding a prestigious award for script writing.

Seeing where we are, what we do, it's clear to me that we were really lazy and clueless back then. We weren't dumb (or as we hope to believe), we just didn't know how to learn how to digest our knowledge and how to use it. We were better than what we use to be... and thank God for that! I'm glad we even passed high school. Could it be my high school facilitates rejects and slackers in the best way so that we can still survive the last of the teen years? I'm proud to see where my sad pathetic pile of people ended up, I'm proud that most of us can feed ourselves and not become parasites of others... high school was so overrated and not the best years of my life... I'm glad I didn't feed in to it too much because it really wasn't what my life was about :) 

Yaahhh I don't have a picture for this blog :( Sad.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The concubine

Why do people cheat on their husband/wifes? Can't they be grateful to have that somebody that will always be there? Probably that significant other has change or didn't live up to ones expectation, but in the case of a marriage, shouldn't you work it out or just quit it THEN find another person? Why should they be greedy and want it all?

In a few cases, I've been the potential cheating object by married men. I can't say anything about cheating women, but in the case of men... they really like testing out the waters. See how far they can go. And of course, I've never followed any of these leads. For simple reason: I want to get married, and I don't want to say 'payback is a bitch'. Even if I'm head over heals for them. I don't even bother men with girlfriends! The universe has its karma and I refuse to evoke it.

A friend said that men need variety, and I'm supposing that women do to. But is that really a legitimate reason to even flirt around, seeing who bites the bait? What is it they are looking for? And I do believe, cheaters do not realize the cheat.

Still being single (and hopefully not forever), I seriously would not think of cheating. In the case of just getting 'that one I've been long for' is hard enough, I don't think I'll take him for granted. I've been fortune told to have 2 marriages, but I'm praying that it's not because I cheat, if I do get 2 marriages.

It's frustrating to be single, looking for love, and ending up with potential of tainting another. Why can't men just go fuck other people's marriages instead and get the whole chaos working to the fullest, rather than mucking about with innocent souls like mine. Because once single gals that cheat with married men are left... they are left alone (well probably with a kid, ouch!), but other marriages... they still have they're family to come back assuming the cheating was possible...

As strange as this world seem to be, it never cease to always be stranger every day...