Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sometimes I think I should grow up already. I should start acting like a mature adult. Many have said that I don't, and I should. To the least I should stop sounding like a kid as a default. Maybe people will then take me seriously on the first impression. I'm reminded lately because I realize I'm more comfortable on site because I act as I want. And most of the time is being a kid.

Hmm.. maybe I should. Why start listening to people now? Well, I can't really differ myself if I am a kid on the surface or I really am a kid all the way inside. Acting like a grown up could help me understand if I am grown up inside.  Maybe I'll get hooked once I look sophisticated, charming, and well poised hehehehe... That is what grown men are looking for right?

But, what I fear the most is that once I start, I can never go back. I become paranoid of what is and what is not appropriate, forgetting that it was made from social consensus, and not absolute rightousness. And eventually you can become narrow minded as many mature adults are. I know a few people that are still childish yet are mature adults on necessary grounds. And they are the most open minded people I've met. Shhh... I idolize that part of them secretly. So I'm at some cross roads here.

Hmm... maybe, I'll try it on some days, and leave it on others just to test the waters. Maybe I'll find a new me somewhere. Although I don't think I can change much by now, but maybe I can find something new that is hidden inside. So probably I should start now and stop blogging on office hours since professionalism is said to be a mature trait? :P

Monday, April 5, 2010

Travel, See, Hear, Speak

People travel for different purposes. Some for business, pleasure, curiosity, or for a certain occasion which sometimes you know you can't categorize as pleasure although it's not business. You know, a friends wedding who you actually secretly hate, family gathering that torture you with question you hate to hear, or some routine obligatory visit you wish yo could avoid.

I sometimes still ask people why they are in a certain place, why they travel, or what are they looking for especially those that are traveling for pleasure, but I don't do it so often anymore. I spare the chance of forcing people explaining the reason if they happen to be on that unpleasant trip. I'm more interested to know what they know, see, and experience during their travels. And so I leave traveling as traveling itself no matter what the reason is.

I don't know why people travel, I myself travel to feed the constant curiosity of seeing knew sightings. I travel to enjoy beauty and to learn about the mailable world. I see things that are breathtaking, mind boggling, and confusing, let it be natural or artificial scenery, or just basic human interest and interactions. I love the surprises I see on the road, the problems and problem solving I have to do, and the unknown for the next second since I don't plan too far on during traveling. Little did I know, I crave for it if I don't get a regular dose of it.

I always thought that people that travel are the wisest. They see more than what other people that don't travel see. But I that isn't the case I guess. I've met the wisest people that never travel and see the most selfish pricks on the way around the world. The wise are the wise, they are blessed with the point where things must turn and they learn from it. And the not... are not.

So where have you been and what have you seen? But we'll leave that to when I see you on the road hey? ;)