Monday, June 22, 2009


I get mad like dad

I have a great sense of humor like mum

I haggle like mum

I have mums hair

I sometimes don't think much when spending on quality items like dad

I don't fuss about spending for the unfortunate like dad

I'm as loud as mum sometimes

My skin is like dad

My arabic look (some say) is from mum

I think like dad

When I don't think as much, I'm like mum

I nag as much as my mum sometimes

I'm patient as dad

I travel like mum

I work like dad

I watch tv like dad

I prance around like mum

I shop like my dad

I gossip like mum

I go out from the bathroom after a a shower like mum

That's all I can think off...

I do love my mum and dad!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Worst to date

It's final. The worst drivers to date are those in Surabaya!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm currently on the road around Jawa. A so called road trip actually. Making a few stops in some of the cities that is on my "to do list". In any typical case, it would be an easy thing to do... but not with Puspita, the VW Combi that me and my friends bought last year. The thing is, it was an old cheap VW to start with. Only about 6 million rups. But we fixed it, and now we're showing her the island. And it's not very fast and there is no air con or sound system either than the engine so... it's a challenge itself.

The thing that I wanted to remind myself about this road trip or any I guess is not primary about what you're going to see or the destination, it really about the trip itself, what you really see about where you are, the small things you realize, for me it's really about knowing what this island is all about, and of course getting to know more about the people you travel with and the the people you meet on the road.

So no stories yet about the trip but... I can tell you right now, this country has never seize to amaze me. Every corner is amusing and even for my friend Sally, which has been here and there in Jawa, there is always something new around the corner.

But then again I'm easily amused.