Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When the best things in live aren't free...

They say the best things in life are free. Most of the time, it’s true. Things that you can’t value with money are usually the things that fulfill your life. Happiness, love, joy, experience, and even knowledge is priceless when it really teaches you some thing (Do note I didn’t say education).
And anyways, how could you debate a great thing that doesn’t come with a price? Hello??? Freebies…
But when the free stuffs are out, the cheap come second best. Items that you pay less but have priceless value, can exceed any item that is expensive but has ultimate function. This time, I realized, my Ando white sandals are my cheap best thing. It’s been with me a while and it still is till today, where I had to walk the rocky mountain of Lerokis. I realize that it has been with me through so many other hardship.
The tar was from climbing from an LCT to the wooden boat getting to Wetar. And I was so grateful I was wearing these sandals because if I had worn good shoes, they’ll be damaged for sure. The concave are is wear I put my weight in while walking. It’s been like this ever since I started jogging, a change to the usually worn out heel area. They I’ve had them for… hmmm… 4 months at least. And they haven’t let me down yet.
I’ve had other things that are damn cheap but I love so dearly: my torn t-shirts which everybody is bound to have but not all would admit to, my old cotton underwear I keep which I swear I use only under emergency situations, and my pride… which is relatively cheap but the best thing in my life :P
So this entry is the celebration of the pay-less world, an underground world for those that seriously know the great value of a cheap item. Let it be known, that China made items rule!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Learning from the Boys

I've been thinking about guys and girls lately when it comes to relationships. It's nothing new... just enhanced in my mind I guess.

I've been wronged by a guy before. And I'm sure I'm not alone on this. You could see that through my small single or still unmarried clique of girlfriends. I’m not saying that we’re broken angels, we probably did some wrong doing too, but the fact that we aren’t hooked yet might be an indication that we could also be the victims too.
Hanging out with the boys definitely balances my perspective. I’ve been in the mining business for some time and have mingled with boys most of my life, causing me to crossed over to see the other side of things. When it comes to relationships, there is no doubt that men take things lightly. I’m not saying all men are like that, but on this side of the story, most are. No matter how angelic they are at home. If you don’t get caught then they'll underestimate what they have with their spouse. They like new and shiny things. If something is blinking, let say a cute little shawty that just entered the circle, believe me, they would want to have it.
But, it’s balanced. It’s not rare that I’ve heard a guy being wronged by a girl. And harsh! I know guys often feel aggravated, hanging on a thread waiting for a response from his adored one, but girls have it the same. I’m talking on a whole different league. We’re talking about men, left by their wives for other men and could be various, and having it as a public secret. It is men with their paychecks robed, stripped down broke for the sake of shopping while the partners don’t take care of the house, or kids or the women just ran away with it without guilt. It is men separated from their children. I’ve seen it. Women having the time of their lives, walking on air because they know they can sell sex and can get away with anything with their beauty and whisper pleasure. It’s with cases like these I cross over and say, women too are no doubt devils.
I didn’t quite understand why sometimes I’m so bothered when women say men are such pigs.Women insult and put them down in various conversation. Now I know.  Turns out, deep down I knew differently.