Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Single Working Woman

I’ve been thinking about the single working woman lately. For the moment, I think there are 2 kinds of working women in Indonesia.

The first is the ambitious working single women. They have goals in their lives; they know what they want, why they want it, how to get it, and they will pursue it. I actually think that women that don’t work but are focused in getting married, having a perfect wedding, and dedicate their life for the home they intend to build, is included in this category. They can be very ambitious too you know hehehe….
The second kind is the women that work because they have to fill in their time or they just have to make a living and stop asking for money from whoever that have been their financial supporters so far.
I’m more to the second kind. I work because I can’t ask for more money from my parents. They have been so kindly supporting me up to a quarter of a decade, and even to continue tertiary education. Now after that much, I can’t possibly ask for more money for myself. Not even ask money to pamper and beautify myself to find a guy.

People mistake that a lot of me. They think that I work because I have an ambition and forget to provide that slot in my life. The fact is, I’m not so ambitious, but I have a corridor that I’d like to keep. I want to get married. I have a plan to work at home to take care of my kids. I was brought up with my mom always around, and I think it’s important to know the steps of your children’s lives. And I haven’t found the guy I need and want to marry. Thus, I work to support me and my perks. I like to work in environment and everything to do with it, at the moment the offer is in mining which forces me to work in remote isolated places. It’s as simple as that.
Why not look for another job? I like my job now, and I can’t really find another job just because I want to find my soul mate. It’s a bit mis for my logic.

Now I know men have a different ego. But I think I can say that they can fall in to these two categories too.

And by the way, besides watching the tube, listening to music, hang out with friends, playing with the internet and all the primary activities, there’s nothing else to do. So, might as well work. What type are you?