Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another side of learning...

I learned a lot from my first experience of diving. I’ve bloged about it in indohoy, but for traveling reasons. On the more personal side, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 principal revelations.

- Diving reminds me how mighty the Al Mighty is. She works in details and very hard core at it. I can’t even comprehend the reason why She made such a world that is limited to ours. It was mind boggling already knowing there is a lot of commotion in a forest without humans actually realizing it, but the underwater world is a different league. We even have to use gadgets to get down there and see that humans are not everything, yet significant on this earth. Why is there a parallel world even amongst us now? Fish couldn’t care less about humans once we’re underwater, we are mere fireflies in their world.
- After being exposed to the diving community, the soon to be diving community (including me at that time), seeing a parallel world underwater, then rushing back to the big city afterwards made me realize how lonely I am. And I’m not just talking about the romance side. Of course, it was heartbreaking not having that someone to share this wonderful experience. But this is beyond that. It’s as if I don’t belong anywhere. Being so happy underwater with all its wonders, and then coming up for where I truly belong and to society I barely know even until I get home, made me fuzzy to the identity I’ve established so far. Where exactly do I belong? Not to mention when I contemplated it with my love of traveling, having a sense of always traveling as home. Huff…
- On the other hand, the wisdom of learning something new, seeing something different, and meeting new people is also unexpected. I’m more content with myself after diving. I’ve accepted more of myself than I though I could. I’m happier knowing there is more to life than ours in a way. I am more stable in a sense. And I found my slot to shut up more even though it bothers me. A sensation I didn’t see coming. I love being in the water, and probably most of the time will be. And it’s for sure one of my escape from the terrestrial world.

To tell you the truth, it was a hard few days after diving. Being lost and not knowing exactly what was wrong with me. So it was a relief to have found these conclusions. I’m not sure what it will implicate in my future life, but anything I blog is that anyways :D
And oh it’s so hard to stay out of the water after seeing what is in it. I feel you Danang!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I was 14 this weekend...

It was how I spent my weekend, 19 – 20 June 2010. I spent it like I was 14.

Friday night:
Hung out friends at their place. Had a few bites, had a few laughs, and browsed a bit on the internet. Had hot chocolate, lot of snacks and then headed home. Just another typical Friday night.

Woke up late. Came over to a friends place. Wore a skirt since I usually wear pants, kinda the opposite to when I was 14 having my uniform a skirt and going out in jeans. Went to a totally new area and had to wonder a bit before actually getting there. I didn’t have BB when I was 14 and neither do I have one now. So, I entertained myself by walking and asking around before I actually got there. Had her moms cooking, had a nap while my friend was watching a DVD in her room, met her mom and acted like a 14 year old coming over to her friends place. Said goodbye to her mom since we were going to the mall to shop. Had my backpack on and got on the bus. After a minor shopping session, hung out with friends, talking about everything including intimate details of thoughts including boys. Then I slept over at another friends place.

Wee hours spent having a little fun dancing with Christian Walkers ‘Weapon of choice’ on V channel and a song from Chemical Brothers. Baked a instant chocolate cake in the middle of the night, and having a fashion photo session, taking notes of Tyra Banks ANTM and putting it to action. She would have been proud. We were fierce! Taking couture to the next level. Fell asleep talking about life and boys, companied by sound of roosters walking up.
Got up late again. Had a lazy morning, late lunch, and sorry for an excuse bath in the afternoon. Phone was practically dead. Again, like I was 14, without mobile communication. Met another friend and went to Ancol to play with kites. Alright, these are grown up kites being heavier and bigger, but nonetheless still kites. Blue sky and great breeze added the whole ambience of play. Headed back and got a bite with new friends. Was dared to have a shot, and took the challenge for the sake of it. Talked about the most generic things, and then headed home.
Considering I’m coming in to 30, my life hasn’t all changed sometimes. Again, while playing kite, no body though I was already working, still thinking I was going to college. So to contemplate on is it a good thing or a bad thing to be almost 30 and yet live as 14? I say it’s a good thing as long as you know when to act 14, cause it’s never good to act your age on the weekends.

By the way, here is vira's say of the Saturday night ... here!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When it Comes to Travelling...

1. I prefer traveling with a small group of people. Friends would be the best but I never reject any opportunity to travel with strangers.  I've traveled solo before and I didn't like it. I also don't like to travel with a lot of people, because the compromise is too much. 

2. I don't like tours. I don't like the limitations of a schedule and the restrictions of venturing beyond, especially when it comes to the money I make and the nagging of my parents that I have to hear eventually because of the trip.

3. I'm a sucker from motorcycles. I love traveling with them. You see everything, you feel the wind in your face, you get burned, you smell everything, and you get wet when it rains, you experience everything. Unfortunately  can't ride them. So when I do travel, I usually choose Ojeg as my main transportation (if I'm alone) or I rent one if my travel mates can drive one. 

4. I dread the 3 day limit. It's not that I hate a place after 3 days, on the contrary, a place grows on me after 3 days. I synchronize with the local frequency after 3 day, and after this point, I usually don't want to go home. 

5. I love local merchandises. But I should always limit myself in buying things. Not because I can't, but because I end up with too much stuff which eventually turn in to junk. I don't like not using my stuff.   

6. I like the revelations I get in my head. I don't remember them all, but I know I have them :) A list that I don't think I can ever finish.