Friday, November 19, 2010

Television is Not All Bad

I felt like blogging today. I felt like blogging yesterday. And I felt blogging a month ago. But I never did... until today... when I felt like blogging.

I had a lot on my mind that needed said but... I just didn't have that extra umph to write it down. It's like picking out a cool dress or shoes but it just lacks that 'to buy or regret buying it for a long time' factor. But I had that umph today.

I love to do nothing. And in between I love to watch TV. I don't know why people resent TV so much when you can learn so much and get inspired. I watched 2 things today that lifted my ass to at least blog.

'So You Think You Can Dance'. I'm not sure what season it was. Cat Deely had short hair. Does that help? Anyways... I caught the last dance. It was a couples dance, with Wade Robinson choreographing. I tip my hat after my standing ovation after watching this routine. Wade made a routine with the theme of thieves in Paris and using Jazz dance style. It was so close to original being they were really like thieves and the whole routine tells about their mission to steal some jewels. It was really entertaining and beautiful at the same time. Every move was about stealing and sneaking and jazz dance. And not to forget, the music was so cool! It was flawless. And the dancers executed well. Technically and expression wise. I had goose bumps all over myself. I'm sure there are a lot more inspiring routines but I just got hooked on this one. And what really enlightens me about this routine is that it used something that is uncommon. Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, etc dances are commonly modified but this is a stroy modified in to a dance... I'm just having such a hard time explaining what I mean here. Huff...
Something worth sharing... and I don't kow how to embed things yet so:

The other thing I watched was NatGeo Adventure channel. I flipped to it accidentally this time. It was showing Video Travel: Ethiopia. It's typical NatGeo Adv show with this couple traveling and having a video blog. The couple was traveling to Lilabela or something like it. They were going through this church that was carved downwards in to a rock. It was an amazing structure and I really want to see it! They only had pocket camera making feel the sufficiency of the Canon D10 that I have to a world class travel. It really is about the man behind the gun. Skill, instincts and feeling are almost every thing!

They did the traveling and had each other as good company making the whole episode an alluring adventure. I'm sure if anyone went there with a narrow mind, would think it was a boring place, just another ruin. But what they saw, what they felt, what pictures they took of was far from what I consider boring. I was inspired.

I was doing a bit of work at the time, but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. They wrote everything they were thinking and they were great with words. It reminded me why I wanted to travel, what I wanted to experience and why I still should do it. It also inspired me to write everything on the road may be on a piece of tissue and such. I should have done it since when ever but it's never too late, since I plan to do more traveling khihihihi...

So I was inspired by television today. And I think I should have a radio show :)