Thursday, September 29, 2011

14 - Half Dead Survivors

I realize that the people that I work with on Wetar are half nuts. They’re a bit extreme compared to the usual guys. Some might like fighting, some might like the challenge, some… well… perhaps will do anything. In short, they’re fearless. I elaborated this fact to another friend that works in mining. He concurs.

“Us field guys are already half dead once we’re here” says a co-worker. Sounds pretty harsh but it’s partial true.

Once a man, or in my case a woman, steps out of their home, there’s no guarantee that he or she will come back. With the risk of a long journey into the remote and a high risk at work, the odds are really not on their side. My friend also taught me that people in this line of work would do almost anything to survive, including staying sane which involves alcohol and paid sex. While the spouses have to accept the possibility that everytime they wave goodbye, it might be the last. It’s tough for both ends.

On this, I think I’ve changed a tad bit. I think now I care less whether someone is higher in rank or not. All I care about is that people do their jobs. If they don’t and it makes me suffer, then I’m crossing the line. I half dead already, right? I might only be as far as ‘sharp comments and emails’, but some of my buddies here can put a sharp object in mouths to make a point. Do they care about the consequences? Not as far as you would think, but again, it’s all to survive.  

I have a lot of respect to those that have chosen or are stuck with this line of work. It takes a lot of sacrifices.

My respects to Wilson Sibarani, a geologist that died in the Manado heli crash in 2011 when heading for work. We had a short time together buddy, but it sure was fun!

Wilson is the one in the middle in red.

I'm falling behind 4 writings... hiks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

13 - I Prefer the Different Too

I really like having different kinds of friends. There’s so much color in life if you do. Don’t you agree? And most of the time, you can get the best out of it, rather than the bad. I just try to avoid the bad.

One of favorite kind of people is the Christians. I really like being friends and working with Christians. Of course I can’t say that I like them all, personalities wise, they’re random. I particularly like them when having meals with them. Christians usually pray just before they eat. They do the whole cross thing and then say a deep prayer to the Lord before chow down. I’m usually already on my second spoon once this happens, and then I’m reminded to say Bismillah at lease before I gulp my third spoon of food.

I like being reminded like this, seeing an example and seeing that It’s been done by ease. I should be able to do the same, right? A friend of mine once dared me if I can find a better way to teach people comparing to setting as example. I was gonna say doctrine, but the aftermath of this method is never pretty. In the end, I couldn’t answer it.

Because Moslems never have this particular ritual before eating, thus we never passively remind each other to pray before meals, let alone actively. We chow down without hoping the food is kosher, is good for you and such. We’re more consistent with gratitude by saying ‘alhamdullilah’ after the burp of satisfaction.

Because I’m reminded this so many times by the Christians example, I realize that I almost never remember praying before meals. And so, I like being friends with them, at least for the sake of saying a prayer. So much for being a wannabe spiritual person!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy Zit!

I just popped a zit! It hurts and its gross!

Popping zits is a mini excruciating task that many girls do. Hell, even more guys do it now since appearance has become something more important lately compared to the past. We’re not supposed pop ‘em to but we do. The thing about popping zits is, it hurts but it’s an addictive thing you just gotta do. There’s something about puss (is it puss?) that needs to be pushed out for the sake of our satisfaction. We break the rule for puss.

Tissue used after popping my zit.

This also applies to black heads usually found on someone’s face or back. It’s an achievement without a certificate. We shout ‘yes!’ under our shaking breath of pain and keep pushing the content out. For girls, it has become a necessary activity as eating rice to the Indonesian. Even girls with the most treated faces have angst to touch zits or black heads once it starts to show itself.

But the pain? Oh the pain! It hurts so much like a little pinch by the nails. We cry during the release in facial session. Is this the price of beauty? We nod gently deep down in our hearts and shed another tear. Then multiply so many in one session every month. For those that can afford it and have the time, once a month torture is worth it. It amazes me that girls can bare so much pain? And about sulking sadness, it’s like we like it. We crave it and prolong it. Cry for some attention maybe?

From shallow to too deep, I figured it doesn’t take much for people to see the difference of pain bearing between men and women. As spoiled as women are, they can bare pain. Some shed more tears than others, but most of us understand enduring the pain better than the opposite sex. Sure we sulk and cry and moan and complain, but we can get through it, and sometimes prolong it more than men. Heck! We’d do it again. A hole in the face because of force excretion is proof that one can stand so much pain. And I haven’t even begin with other pains such as waxing, eyebrow sculpting, and hazards of using an eyeliner. Women were made for pain even though we express it a lot. Men might not show it, but can I doubt that they can endure more? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I New Point in Life

I was going to post something else, but I changed my mind.

If life is a journey of experience, then today is a first. I finally met a point where I don't like the company I'm working for. I still like some of the people and I still love my job, but I don't like the management. Cliche I know. It's my second steady job and I'm facing the same problem as I did my old job. I liked my boss and I liked my job, but I didn't like how he managed everything. For God sakes, I had to iron his clothes, while his teenage girlfriend left after the hangover.

How do people deal with this?

I've asked the only female boss here, how she chooses work? She had so many different businesses and work. She works tirelessly and seems like she can still keep on going. I asked her how would you know if you've had enough? Her answer was simple. She woke up not liking it and that is the sign to just quit.

In my case, I didn't hate this company when I woke up ( I have a killer bed, thanks company!), but I couldn't concentrate at all during work. I actually cried in front of the computer, replying an email concerning one of the problems I have. How could I not? I saw a man had to resolve his problems unfairly. And when it comes to this company, he's not the only one that had to suffer. Not to mention, the unsatisfying way of getting things resolved. And I hate to see my friend, a good man, be treated like that. Apparently, he didn't like it either. He resigned. And that's why I cried.

Leaving me, making a decision tonight.

Monday, September 19, 2011

10 - Opinions and Sunnies

The hardest thing about blogging is you have to be an opinioned person. A blog is a say of something, no matter how big or small it is. It’s a statement!

With a challenge like this (the 30 writing challenge) I realized I have to be more opinioned more than I would like to. I have to pick a topic and state something every 2 days. I’m usually am a verbally opinioned person. I will talk and talk as my imaginations in my head rolls through. However, my sense of importance is a bit off. I can blab forever about everything unimportant and hold my peace about something that has some level of importance; or I would say it to someone else hehehehe… unless someone asks about it.

Bur writing about is a whole different story. It’s pretty hard since it’s a whole different process compared to verbal opinion. You need to systemize what you're gonna say and how you say it, so that reader can understand your point with one read through. But I guess it is good practice.

So here’s my latest opinion on things. Raybans, can’t go wrong with them. These are my boss's original Raybans. I feel cool wearing them! Even with a ragged shirt!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 - To the Nines With Agnes Monica

I had a dream the other night. Some random dream that involves expensive pillows, weed, and my favorite item… AGNES MONICA!

I’ve followed her since the beginning of her carrier as a child star. She’s grown up now and she’s all woman, stated by her predictable shift of image to a more lusty look. It’s not that hard to follow her development. She always makes news with whatever she does.

I hate her as much as I love her. I still adore her because she’s in a league of her own. For the time being, no one can compete with her. She dances, has style (I didn’t say it’s always good), and she has a good voice (which is more than enough to be a singer in Indonesia). She dances how a dancer is expected, her body has come to a point where it moves naturally. Not a lot of people have that, even dancers. You have to love dance and music to be able to dance like her (a concept apparently, a lot of people don’t get!!!) And the most important thing that I love about her, is her attitude. She’s a snob and she knows it. And no one can shove her words down her throat because she is the best so far. Admit it!

What I hate about her is that she copies so many Hollywood stars TOO literally. I hate any artist that does this (such as Giring Nidji, and videos of Rizal Mantovani, etc). It’s an insult to my hours in front of the television and to my intelligence about the Pop world. Come on! We know you copied it. You think no one will know?  Seriously??  What else do I hate about her… umm… her voice character isn’t very pleasant for high strong notes, she shouldn’t use it too much… just saying. And for only these 2 reasons I hate her as much as I love her. Yes, that’s how much I hate her for insulting me. So it’s a 50-50 thing.

But after browsing her website gallery and this site here, I have increased my percentage on loving her than hating her, just because of this particular picture. She’s wearing batik in her own way. Look at her! No matter how chic the others are, they're bland. They're all predictable outfits. Nothing special about it. And her? Over the top with Indonesia's finest!

She’s still one of us and proud to be one. She understands her fan base is in Indonesia and the country itself (with such poor quality pop artist) is what made her what she is. I’m so proud of her for using batik when she can easily wear something else. She bares batik gifts, and she knows she is the ambassador for Indonesia. But that's what I think, of course. Hopefully she can one day be ‘s ambassador too. *dream

Sunday, September 11, 2011

8 - Fighting for Independence

Uploaded the next day because the internet couldn't upload the photo.

No, I’m not going to ramble about the usual issue of women independence as I usually would in this blog. This is purely about the commemoration of our Indonesia’s Independence Day.

This is Pak Mikael. Yes, that is how you spell his name and it’s not a typo. Pak Mikael just threw up on the concrete floor after running about half a kilometer, in the group race I organized to commemorate the nations Independence. This was also after I made him, and other runners of his lag, sing first before the next runner can continue. Singing after running is no trip the park, hey? (Myihihihihi… I’m so good of making challenges for other people). He was totally hesitant to participate, but once we found him teammates, he was all in. For a man of his age, after numerous soccer games during previous days, and having sore butt muscles, it’s amazing how he could ever make it in the first place. You got to salute the dude’s spirit to celebrate!

I felt bad encouraging him as I saw him lay there. But looking at him, he’s blessed with something called ‘fighting for a cause’. He kept running, no matter how slow, for the sake of the rest of his teammates. For a few seconds Pak Mikael understood how he fought for something bigger than himself to a point where the contents of his stomach chose to rebel against the flow of digestion and spill out on the pavement. He fought.  He didn’t give up and complain. He just almost fainted, that’s all.

Today, we all enjoy the benefits of the 66th Independence Day. As the second generation to enjoy this state of freedom, I can say that most of us have no idea what it felt like during the war. How people are in constant lost of everything including lives. Little do understand how bad a war is, how much it takes and how it does not give. I hear this all the time in school but never really understood what it meant.

Have you? Wait… that’s not right. Have I been like this? Hardly. That day, I was just standing on the sidelines. I just stood there and realized that if I did love this country, I would have to reach such a point in my life, as Pak Mikael did on that concrete floor. And even though this race is worthless to the state of the nation, his participation shows that he rejoices the good spirit to commemorate the independence his founding father gave him. Well at least I got something out of it. His vomit was not a waste.  

You know what? With one deft person on his team (second from the right) that needed primordial sign language to past his question at his post, Pak Mikael and teammates did an excellent job. Guess what place did he and his team mates come in? 

Ps: Did you have your patriotic photo ready? 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Number 7

I’ve failed my own challenge. Ugh the shame! My ‘30 writings for practice’ flopped just when it started. I was just at number 6, and in human years that’s merely primary school. Graduation is still a long way to go. I’m disappointed in myself. It did start to fail because the internet connection failed me bad (Man, I’m so tired of complaining about the internet onsite). But it ended with me being too lazy to restart it when I was in the city a.k.a in access to the web. I didn’t even write and stock up to practice. So much for my strong will.

But, since this is my challenge and I am again determined slash bored on site, I decided to reinstate my challenge again. This is also due to the fact that there is internet connection in my new room. Yay! (I’m surely easily satisfied, and yet I’m still single. Why is that?) Therefore, this post will be umber 7 with no particular theme at all.

Why start again? Well, I definitely do need the practice. I don’t plan to stop writing anytime soon. To the least, I will still be writing for, so I will I still need to do this. Second of all, I’m that type of person that’s too damn optimistic sometimes. I don’t know when to stop even if it’s already too ridiculous to continue anyways. This challenge bids no harms so it’s ok to have too many pluses in my head for it.

To add to that, I’m really liking the writing of the Unbrave girl. She writes really long post on her blog, and clearly what she needed to say is not for the screeners. She provides a nice long read for the afternoon. But what I like about her writing is that she’s funny. She ridicule herself to a point that isn’t harmless and you chuckle reading her post. It’s not a drop dead funny thing, it’s just funny enough to want to read more. Oh how I can write like her, but don’t tell her that cause she doesn’t like being an inspiration to anyone khihihihihihi….

So, hear ye! Hear ye! It’s back on! See you in 2 days.