Sunday, September 21, 2008

The remedy of stress no 1.

I often think that people only go on vacations because they hate their jobs and they really wanna get away from it all...

I proved myself wrong today. And I have to agree with Vira. There is nothing wrong on spending money for vacations. Especially if you work under stressful conditions.

Vacations recharge you.

I happen to be working on a beautiful remote island with many luxuries to enjoy. Typical mining luxuries but not the jetset stuff. We don't have dairy milk every moring with cereal of course. I happen to be sitting more in the office the past week and didn't have to exhaust myself through the dry and hot air of this island. But does all that make me happy? Not really... I say so because...

Today, I went swimming with some of my new friends from within and outside of the island. It was a lovely combination. 2 girls, 5 boys, which consist of 1 local girl and 1 local boy, a metalurgist, the paramedic, geologist, a welder, and myself the lazy environmentalist :P.

The water is crystal on every part except the front of our camp which is murky by sand. We went to beach with more friendly waves. And we swam, we borrowed 2 canoes from a nomaden villager, and had HEAPS of laugh because everyone kept on sinking. It's a small traditional canoe. The most funny one was the medic because he was a bit chubby. He always sank. And the best part was 4 out of 7 had loud laughs. Spontaneous laughter is so good because it's so sincere. So it was so much fun.

Coming back and after the shower... I realized I was recharged. I can do ANYTHING the day throws me tomorrow. I'm ready. And I realize, vacation really does the trick especially if you're with good company... till my next vacation...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Other Boleyn Girl

I happen to be very intrigued by this movie that was sitting on the shelve of my housemate... Mama Mia. For lame reasons such as Natalie Portman, side by side with Scarlett not to mention Eric Bana (who was actually hotter then Brad Pitt in Troy) and historical settings, made me grab this movie and watch it in the middle of the night.

I liked it for 3 reason:

-it is based on a historical event. About the love affair of King Henry the VIII. It was based on a novel to start with but using data of history.

- its complexity about sisterhood, love and ambition. The story plot is great. How far can you go for power? Naive me would say, not far. But life is more complex and simple than that. If you were a peasant girl in the village all your life and suddenly had the chance to be the queen?? How far is far? And the plot goes on and on until the last part of the movie.
In addition, I adore Natalie's acting. Her fear seems real and she is amongst the very few that is believe to me. But it's not more than that. It's all the usual for every actor.

- last and definitely not least is Eric Bana. Again, this guy is hot!!! He is the kind of caucassian I like :P. The way his character longs for Anna (Natalie)... before... other things (no spoilers) is so yummy. I wanna be in Anna's position before ... he is very much (as Marie (Scarlett) woul put it) "tender"...
To add to this, I wondered if King Henry VIII was ever as good looking as Eric Bana was. I mean... he did have 7 wives in his periode, not to mention all the mistresses. So I googled... and... well you can see for yourself.

In the end, I definitely recomend you to watch this movie. Story wise, the plot is much exciting. Weight, not as heavy to taken too seriously because... basically the cast is hollywood beautiful. Now how can you take that seriously?

Joining the party

... I could survive for 47 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog lama....

This is an old blog... hmm... I use to think like that???

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The best line

Working in Wetar sure has many ups to it, especially for me that likes the sea, nature and going out in the field once in a while. The downs is the forever trip that takes about 30 hours in total. But since I am an Indonesian individual, I can always make an 'up side' to everthing, even for the 30 hour trip.

To get to and from Wetar, I have to travel with a wooden boat for about 16 hours or less. Now how do I enjoy such a ride, especially if it passes a straight and is exposed to open waters with high waves for about 5 hours??? By discovering new beauty...If I happen to travel through an afternoon, I usually spend it lying on the deck and listening to music. Entering the sunset phase which to till now is always ALWAYS perfect I realized that the best line and the most perfect line is the horizon. And not any horizon, but the ocean one.

Nothing beats it! And you can't find any flaw just by looking at it. Even though we know its not even a clear line, it's still a great line to see. So exact and precis. And so very sharp. You can even ejoy it from a plan ride if you happen to cross an ocean. Yet it is basically optical illusion. Man, the Al Mighty is dang good.

The picture is actually a horizontal line from the beach out front from my camp complex. There is never a wrong in the ocean horizon. I guess it's another reason the stare at the sea.

Wait... Did you think that I was gonna talk about a pick up line???? Ck ck ck you people...