Friday, October 15, 2010

The Geek in Anyone

I think people should be careful when it comes to geeks. They are sometimes dangerous people. They are stubborn, persistent, knowledgeable people that can use their knowledge at unexpected time. Sure sometimes they appear to be born losers, but that’s just the external part of things. Think about it, all of our science, technologies, and civilization was created by geeks. You might think some geeks are way cool than the nerds that you usually meet, but those that have invented anything are those that had a time of their lives when they didn’t bath nor brush their teeth for the sake of invention! Yes… even Zuckerman that made Facebook!
I’ve just fallen in love with The Big Bang Theory. I love the geek gang that talk like primitive aliens (being too smart for this generation, but to dumb for future intelligence), have unique hobbies, and never leave the house unless it’s for comic book stores symposiums that are similarly primitive to them. They are hilarious! And they have a great cast! Even the ditsy Penny is believable. And while some think it’s easy to play a natural blonde, it’s actually really hard. Who would ever think that Reese Witherspoon could be a believable character after she played in ‘Walk the Line’?
Anyways… back to the dangers of a geek. I am a bird geek. Not to most, but am to common sense. Yes, I know what a Ficedula is, and how cute the genus Herpactes is. I like bush birds cause they’re so small and cute and sometimes just roam slightly above the ground. Funny little buggers. So how can any geeks be dangerous? Well imagine this, twitchers or super bird geeks that travel all around the world just to see birds have to go to forests and unchartered territory to see what they have to see. Once they see something twitch in the woods, they don’t run… they go after it for the possibility of the bird their looking for! They can easily leave you just because they need to see that 5 cm bird in the tropical forest. At night, if their looking for an owl, once the leaves sounds spontaneous moves, they go after it while others would run and scream ‘ghost’!
And you think divers are not? Think again my fellow divers! Divers are big geeks. They put on gear and dive in to the water for the sake of seeing cute sea creatures. They travel to dive sites just to see the unseen to common mass. The have to know what they saw and they look it up in their encyclopedia. 
Music and movie lovers are not far different. They can name many musicians, recall the history of band, chase a gig for the sake of it, and dwell in lyrics and music arrangements because they think it’s necessary. 

The sequence of finding a bird while birdwatching
After long contemplation, I realize that I’m much of a geek. I like long explanations of things, I like the word ‘why’ and I like finding answers. I don’t like short uninteresting answers and I like to know what I see and know what knowledge I’ve gained. Am I dangerous? Maybe. In the sense you might me caught up in my blabbering because you brought something up. I could constantly persuade to you to my theory thinking that it is right. I would ignore a friend for the sake of reading a blog for research. I have a facebook account, and my social life online is currently as important to my real life. Not to mention, if there is a scatter of leaves, I’d take you with me in to the forest and get lost just to see a bird. Now do I really sound dangerous?

PS: So who isn’t a geek? Someone that does not drown in a certain interest of knowledge or work. A person that merely passes life as life, not knowing that there is more to it. But that’s my humble opinion anyways.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

... something borrowed something blue...

I went swiming a few days ago with the Playgroup. Hmm... usually after a swim, I'm really happy... this time, I'm happy with a little thought to balance it.

As I look back on the photos we took these few days of swiming I realized, all of the members were a totally different bunch of people. None of the old Playgroup members were there. 100% new batch. No familiar faces. 

Roy and Valen
It was a bit of a melancholic moment for me, seeing the faces in my digital camera were all new ones. Although that's a good thing considering I'm adding friends, it's a bit sad to think that I'm not with some old ones. Some have resigned, some don't have the same anthusiasm as they use to and I don't have the same amount of energy to persuade them, some... gave up totally. Yet I'm still here.

Which then led me to think, am I the only surivor of this company? Maybe the more appropriate answer is... I'm the surviving spirit of the Playgroup. I denied that I was the leader of the bunch, but now I know I probably am the number 2 person responsible for it (that still sounds like I'm denial ya?). 

Reni getting wet :P
I guess it says a lot about myself. I like to play and I hope that my 'play' spirit lives on even when I get old and wrinkled. This goes along well these demons and ghouls of mining, people that know how to have a good time even though they're in their 40s and 50s and know how to make the most of it. I think everyone should have that side of them that should always remains playful for the sake of... happiness :)

I love my old Playgroup. Not only were they fun, and new bunch are also too, but I relate more to them. They were selfish, opinionated, logical bunch which I understood more hahhahahah... . I was the weakest link among them. So I had less effort to enjoy myself. They were born comedian, people with character!

Speaking of which, reminds me of a video clip I saw yesterday. It was "Charmless Man" by Blur. Love the song, no doubt. I knew what it meant before, but looking at video made me understood more what it's all about. A person can be successfull. Money and riches can be at his palm, but doesn't mean his a great man or a decent man even. No character, no charm, not interesting. He might have a hugo boss suit, but I pick Damon Alba with his leather jacket and sneakers.
Novi and me
Relating back to the Playgroup... I woulds say the old group are charming men, let's see what the new bunch are about :).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A room in the sky...

I sometimes wish I had a room in the sky. Waking up in the morning would be a breath taking experience everyday. And when I had my shower in the vapor of clouds, I'd start the day by saying Hi to the flying birds, and stepping out, jump, and skydive to start my activities. What a great life that would be... now, how would I get back up there? Hmm...

That's why I love sleeping in small planes. Because I wake up to an incredible sight every time.