Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hollywood Suck!

As a single girl, it kills me to watch Hollywood movies. Hollywood loves the idea of finding love and exploits it hard both in good and bad ways! I can't speak for those that are in a relationship. Does Hollywood torture you too with exposing all of love's problems and dilemmas?  Do they?

So here are my 3 most annoying moments about love, being single, and Hollywood (which actually means, I really want it to happen to me but there is no way in hell that it would!!!)

1. Sex and the City 2, the movie.
Aidan says to Carrie, 'You're not like other women'.
Now is THAT a pick up line or what? A man, like Aidan says to Carrie who is already wrinkled that she's not like other women, when in fact she shops for shoes rather than pay mortgage. She is so a like other women. Now Samantha is not like 'other women'. I bet you, Sarah Jessica Parker just needed to hear that and inserted it in the script!

2. Eat, Pray, Love
When the dude (can't remember the characters name) says to Liz 'You don't need a man, you need a champion!'. Yeah sure he didn't explicitly imply it for himself but come on! The hell with champions, lets go with Greek Gods who muscles to destroy the universe. Even Hades, god of the underworld that lives with demons and worms, has a great body! Which comes to my last moment.

3. Crazy Stupid Love
I just watched it. Loved it because Steve Carell was and is awesome (in every movie)! But that's not the reason this movie made it to this absurd list. It made it because Ryan Gossling just had to take of his shirt off!!! To be honest, he's a bit too big and muscular for me, but I'm not complaining. Like, how much crueler can you go? OH.... A LOT! He plays this womanizer that falls for the PG-13 girl. Right! *rolling eyes

And for the record, I think every man should have a classic 'Ray Ban' sunnies that suit their face. I swear it makes the face stay in its 20s.

Dear Hollywood, KMN! (Kill Me Now! Just learned it from The Big Bang Theory. Love it!!)

Maybe I should just go indie!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Looser, I Am! But Loyal.

I’m back on Wetar and I’m ready to roam the rubble of the virtual world. I need to be in front of my computer screen more and play around with the Indohoy website. It’s a great positive energy to do the website, more than  my likings besides watching the 3rd season of ‘the Big Bang Theory’. I so clique with those guys! I’m a geek!

On being more in front of my computer: I have failed my own challenge. I wasn’t able to maintain writing every 2 days, especially inline with my blog purpose to state the important. Apparently my life isn’t filled with important things. It’s filled with absurdity and non-sense. Well, be a little fair, significant important stuff isn’t a 24-7 thing. Even I need sleep!

So, I have failed this challenge with only succeeding 16 posts, and numerous delays. As much as I feel like a looser, I’m proud to make it as far as I did considering I have never thought that I can write something worth reading (I'm so Indonesian, seizing the best of the worst things :P). And I will still keep on blogging because I have too much to say anyways. 

With this I close this failed challenge and hope that I will triumph the next. 

 Just thought I'd post these long loved friends. Remember this post? 
Yeah, these babies are forever lost. They have accompanied me well. It is said that one loves like ones love of shoes. Being said that, I'm loyal. That's why I'm still in Wetar :P