Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Used to Think... I Don't Anymore

I had this blog store... for.. more than a year! Better published than stored although its just a paragraph. 

I use to think that the ‘redneck’ dialect was pretty heinous, with all the white trash y’alls and stuff. I just recently (not!) watched ‘The Blind Side’. I changed my perspective. Now I refer it to the ‘American’ dialect. It’s how a lot of Americans talk. And for some reason, not really sure what… but Sandra Bullock made the hoedown talk a little more charming. Now I can see that it’s just another dialect, nothing less than another cultural characteristic. And I don’t see Britney Spears being as trashy anymore… oh how I’ve grown wise :) 

I still think that Hollywood is overrated though…. Not that it matters…

And it's a great movie. 
Picture was taken from here.