Saturday, February 13, 2010

It would be an honor

Within a few days, I would be watching Placebo live in concert. And I'm not trying to brag here. Tonight I happen to see a youtube video of them playing 'For What Its Worth' acoustic. Yes, they are now older and in this particular video, they seem like a washed up band with no fangs left.

But... what goes to mind is... how they use to be a great band. A friend of mine has given up to rock bands that come to Indonesia no longer in their prime, because they're old and no longer have that smack affect. But for me? I feel like it would be an honor still be able to watch them in action. So, for what it's worth, I'll see you there!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Man to monkey.... Monkey to happy? I am the lead monkey

I was praised to be a cute white baby.
My mom had a hard time raising me because she was alone.
I was loved for being the cute active kid.
I was constantly pinched by grown ups. It hurt!
I was liked for being a healthy girl.
I wasn't popular because I was less propositional.
I was teased for being having curly hair.
I did make second best.
I was ignored for being mediocre
I had less expectations on my back
I was underestimated because I was too loud.
I had great laughs.
I was strained because I was too confident.
I was brave enough to bend some rules to my advantage
I was sneered for being carefree.
I saw great places, meet great people.
I was threaten for being idealist.
I made a choice I can be responsible of.
I'm pitied because I'm single.
I'm still happy and patient
Do you think my life is degrading?
I'm doing quite alright right?

a little inspired by 'One Hand in My Pocket'-Alanis Morrisete