Monday, October 29, 2012

Imaginary Side Job

So, in between being bored of my job, I entertain myself with computer games. Currently, I’ve been playing Digby Donut, a game much like donut tetris but only by matching icing colors. The scenario is that Digby is going to open up donut shops all over the USA and I need to help him stack the donuts and collect money to open new shops.
I’m 3 levels from the top level. I can’t seem to budge from this level! I’m trying really hard. A little obsessed to be honest. 

The irony? 

I’m wasting a lot of my time trying to pass this level. Call it a gamers curiosity but in my defense, it stimulates my brain rather than become mush to the office laptop with hardly any cool programs on it. What I’ve come to realize is... I’m such a dumb ass, escaping my real work to surrender to a imaginary job. Yes, job and not game. Here, my boss, Digby has a target to be the donut king. I’m his slave. Every time I drop a donut, he frowns. Everytime I misplace an order, he frowns. He also comments and says it’s my fault that I dropped the donuts he made. I can’t fuck up more than 5 times (by this level). If I do, he flips and closes the whole darn shop! Talk about a perfectionist.

See, although he says he perfects his recipe, he doesn’t move from his spot. He just sits there and watches me work. Sure, he smiles if I successfully stack up the right color of donuts or make an order right but seriously, I could use more credit. Sigh. It’s as hard to make it in the imaginary world as it is in the real one. 

Interestingly, a lot of games have similar scenarios, especially no-brainers like this. All we gamers run from one job to another. I'm wondering if people actually realize this conspiracy? *track in track out

On this note, there are still people obsessed with games. They could even live in internet cafes just to play online games. They could line up for 2 days and 2 nights at a store once a new game is to be released.  I used to think gamers waste so much time to play something unreal. To some extent, I still do. But I’ve come to understand that gamers mind is a bit twisted and brilliant at the same time. They game because they need a brain stimulator which they can not find in any other form, like music, knitting, painting, etc. They're like puzzle or chess players. They’re like novel readers but with more finger activities. And the harder they play, the more their brains are used. So, I'm watching out for those gamers out there. You might have a sick way of thinking deep down. Yeah, it’s also relative but it beats starring blankly at the TV (watching TV and paying attention is something entirely different).

So, some r.e.s.p.e.c.t to the gamers out there. I know, deep down, you are more than what you seem to be. Game on, guys!