Thursday, October 6, 2011

Justs Todays Likings

Sometimes, I really like my life on Wetar. As I fold up my underwear to be stored, I had a warm fuzzy feeling about how nice life is as simple as it is. I have one room, and not one house. I don't do the dishes, the laundry, clean the bathroom, or floor of the house, and I don't even have to pay a certain person to do it. I chose to fold my underwear because I want to and I took all the time I have.

I also like the feeling that outside, there's an ocean. Although I can't jump in to it directly because there are river mouth crocs (and not the sandals), I like seeing the horizon, showing me that there's nothing in front of me every morning. The future does not exist.

I also like the fact that I lay bricks to think. I can choose and change meditation methods anyway I please. I have friends that are wise, funny, a pain in the ass. I look forward to sleeping in my double bed, my overly expensive pillow (although still cheap in its class), and my blanket since 2 years ago that keeps me warm from the AC that I don't really need. Most of all, I like the internet access right now, to share the simple things in life that I like.

I also like Steve Jobs for Sylvia. You just gots to love people driven by excellence :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cutting Balls for Entertainment!

It’s between being curious and bored that really drives me to try and do something new. Wetar actually has more entertainment than Jakarta sometimes. It’s all a matter how creative one may be. Considering I’ve been here for almost 4 years, I must like the creative atmosphere the island is giving me :)

People always revert to the predictable entertainment and forget that there are other things to do. One thing that I can do on this ‘developing establishment’ is participate in surgeries. I’ve seen the removal of a lipid lump on an employee’s back, with his permission of course. It was a horrifically interesting. Doctors are sadists and we need them to be. 

One of my most entertaining experience was spending 3 hours cutting Jack’s balls off. Now, calm down, Jack is the bosses pet dog. So it was OK to have a non-medical staff to help out. So, I dragged myself to the clinic to see such a fascinating ‘show’. For guys, they really think I’m a sadist since I helped out and I must be some man hater or lesbian, but I'm neither. I love men :D. For me, balls or no balls, it was exciting to see a surgery. Yes, it was that boring and I was that curious. It wasn't any different to the other surgeries I've seen but the guys, including the doctor, seem to squirm of the process. Not to mention, he hates dogs. 

Now this particular experience might not apply to all sites or jobs or situation or whatever, but let be noted that you can find something to entertain yourself. You just gotta do it.

If cutting balls is not your thing, maybe the typical entertainment is really for you like watching people get drunk, having a karaoke sessions, and learn how to slow dance :D