Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Feet and Their Fav Buds

When it comes to feet, I tend to be picky with shoes. Ok... fair enough, I'm picky with everything! But I cherish quality more then quantity, and there is nothing wrong with that people!!! Especially when it has to support your whole body all day. But back to the topic... I have had some interesting shoes lately, basically because I'm picky. And I'm not saying that I have great taste... but I do like my taste and my feet love the buddies I pick for them :D

These are my feet fav buddies so far. Why you ask?

Well I'm currently working at a mine and walking is like rice to the Indonesian dish. I do it so often on rocky terrains or in the woods. Since I'm darn city girl, I have the stamina of a princess. So sometimes, I've only walked have the distance and I'm already bathing in sweat! And once that exhaustion kicks in, then the feet ain't lifting.
I tend to drag em, and that is a bad idea in such areas. Now this is where my love of these boots come in... they have STEEL CAPS, so whenever I bump my feet in to a rock or tree root, (or in the office for that matter) I don't hurt my toes. I do it all the time. I'm known for it! I wish I could wear them at home every time I get in to a quarrel with my mom which usually ends with a sore toe. God does teach fast! Hehehehe...

The brown ones look great in the field and paired with denims and a colorful shirt. And even looks HOT when I roll my jeans up. They catch up the Doc Mart look.

The yellow ones? How could you not love gummies (gumboots)? They give a great c
ool sensation when dipped in water, with my feet in them of course. I heart playing in water with them. I become a true kid again. No wonder I never grew up! Hahahaha...
Did I mention their cute yellow with scotchlite on em? Wuf em Wuf em!

The flaws of these shoes? They are also the cause of my trips... they're darn heavy. Hehehe... can't win em all with limited budget. If they weren't so heavy, I'll wear the gummies on any rainy flood
y day in Jakarta. They're awsome!

...on that note ... out of all, I think my feet looks better barefoot. I have always thought that women walking barefoot ANYWHERE is sexy. It's as seem that the women is truly connected to mother earth when they are sole less and then their natural side come out. Forget the gummies, if the streets of Jakarta were clean and tidy, I'd barefoot once in a while. So I can feel sexy for myself and for my two adorable feet.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Jason Mraz hype...

There is this whole hype of Jason Mraz and his single "I'm Yours" lately. A few weeks ago, I've even heard it on a junior high school kid cellphone in a town at west Sumatera, a so-so remote area. Now keep your pants on cos I'm not goin to bash it up. I've declared to be a fan of this pop artis that is to play in a jazz gig in Jakarta soon. (Sorry, I consider him pop even though I truely believe he can jam)

My entry here is spesifically to talk about my fav song on this album, "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things". I know that pop culture forces the listeners towards the single that is promoted, and there is a slight chance that the listners, especially those in Indonesia wouldn't even apreciate the whole album. But Jason Mraz is worth the listen. My fav single is "Love for a Child". For the sake of apreciation, here are the lyrics (I've bolded the parts I think are the strong parts):

"Love For A Child"

There's a picture on my kitchen wall
Looks like Jesus and his friends involved
There's a party getting started in the yard
There's a couple getting steamy in the car parked in the drive
Was I too young to see this with my eyes?

By the pool last night, apparently
The chemicals weren't mixed properly
You hit your head and then forgot your name
And then you woke up at the bottom by the drain
And now your altitude and memory's a shame

What about taking this empty cup and filling it up
With a little bit more of innocence
I haven't had enough, it's probably because when you're young
It's okay to be easily ignored
I like to believe it was all about love for a child

And when the house was left in shambles
Who was there to handle all the broken bits of glass
Was it mom who put my dad out on his ass or the other way around
Well I'm far too old to care about that now

It's kinda nice to work the floor since the divorce
I've been enjoying both my Christmases and my birthday cakes
And taking drugs and making love at far too young an age
And they never check to see my grades
What a fool I'd be to start complaining now

It was all about love...

Why love it? It's a story about a normal kid, that I imagine lives in the states. It's a typical cases of growing up. But I love how he pleeds for a little bit of innocence. For me, it's a sign that our community less treasure innocence and building hapiness. Don't get me wrong, I still think we do, but most of us have step in to a more instant view. But let's not talk about that. Not to mention that he has already grown up and he still feels a bit empty about it. But too late to complain now.
Now I don't know if this is actually his life experience, but I have to raise a glass for his story telling. No complicated words like the other songs, just a blunt story.
I also love the balad tone of it, and how its music is quite dynamic. As somebody that usually sings in the shower or just sing with a pitch control problem, I enjoy singing it sooo much. I enjoy singing it from the heart. I feel it a little bit becaues I can only assume that it's a story of many middle class Indonesian kids that never understand the love westerners show to their children. Many of us were never even hugged or kiss before the childern inisiated, or even when we grew up already. So I heart this song.

Another thing that I discovered is turns out that I'm a sucker for guys in a plain body fit T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, can sing and play the guitar with a lotta soul. It really doesn't take much to take my heart :)

Note to self:
I'm listening to Jason Mraz right now because I need to. He has a feel good music that is very positive. The energy that I need at the moment. To live high, live mighty, live righteously (Live High). JM has helped me a bit in this lag of my life.

And the angels would be sing alalala.. alalala... alalalala love this *raising hands in the air and jumping up and down like an idiot :P*