Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's not about the much laughs I have with my friends... it was my love for the sea.
It's not about having more... it's about the fresh open air and jeans.
It wasn't because of new faces... it was about the familiar love.
It wasn't about a shiny new laptop... it was about pirated DVDs.
It wasn't about bitter sweet... it was about passing time.
It wasn't love at first impression... it was the comfort of strums and afternoon breeze.
It wasn't the dissimilarities of languange... it was the misperception.
It wasn't sad... it was disappointment.
It wasn't you... it was probably me.

(Having fun with the shrimp behind the rock)

Harden the Fuck Up!

Pic: thedailyexplorer.wordpress.com

I saw a goat got slaughtered a few days ago in the back of the company kitchen. It was still twitching after the kitchen staff cut open it's throat. Mind you, the picture wasn't the goat I saw, stole it from somebody's page. But it looks close enough.

The day that goat was slaughter, me and my friends were just watching. It came to mind that not a lot people have the stomach to watch a slaughtering these days. Most of my friends can't, and they're guys even (not to be sexist but guys claim to have the 'balls').

The thing is, sometimes I can't stand it if someone can't seem to see slaughtering, but loves to eat meat. It's illogical for me. I can understand vegetarians, but spoiled brats that love steaks and burgers but gets sick with the thought of an animal dying is just... wrong. It's spoiled.

There is a point to be able to see an animal die.... cause that is how much your burger, steak, chicken wings, and fillet cost. A dying of a creature. Thus we should NEVER waste food! So harden the fuck up and see slaughtering and realize your food cost more then a few thousands of rupiahs or dollars.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Changes Behind Them...

It's funny seeing this picture. It's Piki and Indahs wedding. Good friends of mine that grew apart (from me) due to reality.... time and space. What's more real than that?

Besides them, are also my friends. Friends I knew back in college. Some already have kids, some have more cheeks, some look the same. In some sense... looking at them in this picture, seems like nothing has change, only the two are wearing wedding clothes ... but knowing where they are now, and knowing a glimpse about their live... we've definitely have changed. Maybe I have to change and make a Facebook account to see more of the pictures since Friendster is outdated already :P

Change is good. I'm looking for my next change...

-Thanks for the pictures Moek, it was a treat!-

By the way, congratulation Piki and Indah! I'm soooooo happy for you guys.