Thursday, July 23, 2009

When you're really creative...

Me and Aji was just sitting around the house one night and he happen to have a great idea... What if phones was the shape of a mini rice cooker? Wouldn't that be sooo cute? Don't believe me?

This is when you receive a phone call.

This is when you receive a confusing call.

This is SMSing with a huge screen. Even people can peek from behind.

This is what other phones can't do at the moment... isolate your confidential conversations.

Of course it has to look stylish to the mall. How can anything be any cuter than this (the phone I mean, no comments on Aji please)?

Then there is the taking a picture pose...

And there is the hands free look.

Ok it's not practical to bring I admit, but since when is fashion practical???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It was my birthday ... it was my birthday... and then... the bom?

I had my birthday a few days ago... it was my 29th. Not a shamed to say it... well, learning to not be ashamed about it hehehe...

I had a GREAT day! A midnight surprise party by my housemates, work was great cos I learned so much from our brilliant consultant, had a special guest star popping up, getting excellent prezzies, and of course the -dinner with friends- fiasco. What a day...

Before hand, phycologically, turns out to be pretty scary becoming 29. It really is a close number to 30. Didn't feel it when I turned 28! Coming in to 30 seems like coming to a different stage. It felt as if I have to be different then who ever I was. Had thoughts circling... if I'm almost 29, but I feel like and seems like I live my life the way I did when I was 22, is that a good thing or a bad thing? This was the depression side of the whole 29th birthday experience. Depressed because I have this believe that it shouldn't due to society preassure. But since I have great friends, they succeeded in erasing such feeling making me all happy and learning to be proud being 29. It is just a number... as they say.

But here comes the worst part after a great party... the morning after! Well it wasn't so the morning after because I didn't sleep that night and headed straight to Bandung for the election... but it's the right saying. It's the days after that... when things become usual. And after all that love bunddled up in one day, tomorrow is another day. The next day, even though hectic with work, I still came to my normal usual house. Although I enjoy my me time very much, it was such a drastic change to to the full of love birthday. So this is the morning after they talk about. Ah well... I guess the worst part is what makes us wait at the edge of our seats for the next party event!

This was my birthday outfit. Dress code (which no body else wore): catholic school girl. I am trully 19 at heart :)

Want to comment about the bombing... I still have mixed emotions and thoughts about it... can't make a straight opinion about it like everyone else... how I wish I could! I'll pend it for a moment

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hoping that I invested well...

As the election came in the month of July 2009, the country became festive. It's no different to when the soccer season is here. People with banners, posters, and aqua bottles filled with rocks, decorate every candidate debate when open for public. I love it! People happy and full of hope!

I guess this is the reason I chose to use my vote this year. And it's no ordinary vote... it's my most expensive vote to date.

I got my ass down to Bandung just to make a small tick to the one I have faith in achieving a bit of the country's well being. I don't really care who wins actually.. I just have hope that I my vote increase the possibility of this person to help us develop our beloved country. Now how melancholic is that?

But who did I trust... ah... as I said to my boss when he asked me this...

"Let's just say, I'm a girl, that is Bugis, and born and raised in Jawa". So who do you think I voted for?