Sunday, April 29, 2012

Orangutans, Deodorant, and The Dark Side (a.k.a Work)

There’s a lot of things that triggered this blog today:

1. Orangutan
I saw a picture of a blind Orangutan from a friend that was accompanying a rescue mission in Kalimantan. It put my heart in a shredder! Orangutan has been an issue since the palm oil trees have been massively expanded through out our country in the past 5 years. Palm oil plantations have been viciously protecting their goods because the Orangutans have been eating them. How can you blame the Orangutans? Their homes have been chopped down, they have no food but palm oil, and they don’t speak people language. Really? How could you blame them?! They won’t get it.

2. Documentary
I saw this documentary on the BBC knowledge about making deodorant. No biggie actually but it got me thinking that mass products like this would definitely need massive amounts of raw material, all to make the cap, the body, the deodorant, the label, the color, the roller, and everything. They produce thousands, if not millions each day. Now how did they pull off on getting raw materials every day?

3. Work
I work in mining which isn’t mining at the moment. However, I still get that ‘look’ when people start yapping about how bad mining is. It’s one of those big industries that take a lot, as does palm oil in point 1.  Hey, I’m not going to argue on how bad it is. But it will be done! Admit it! You love your gadgets, and electronics, and technology run by machines. And you love how cheap its been for the last 5 years. If it’s mass product, it’s gonna be cheaper, and that means point number 2. So guess what? Mining will be done!

4. Internet
I just love it. I do. Reading this is evidence that I do love the internet. Just saying

I was in a dark place sometime in my life and I have blamed almost all the industries, the malpractice, and anyone that came from big industries and making tons of money out of it but doesn’t seem to care about the environment. There are tons of environmental issues and it seems to just keep coming.

Now, I've crossed over and seen the other side. I've seen and learned a lot! I’ve also though hard around these 4 points and a few more, and I try and try to figure out how this mess can come to an end. I’m a bit megalomaniac you see so, these things about me as a hero saving the world, pops in mind all the time. Don’t worry, it usually fades. Now, the wisdom of my whole contemplation falls in to one brilliant answer which is, all of this was cause and could be saved by ME. Tadaaa! 

Didn’t catch that one coming now did you? Yes me, the consumer, which also means you, him, her, they, us, our ancestors, and our future children. The market has always driven production. With 5 billion (and maybe more) people in the world, we can justify… it’s a ginormous market. If every one wanted to take a shower and use soap with palm oil, say bye bye to Orangutans. If you want that latest playstation, then be ready to wipe up cute cuddly aminals (not typo) that you probably haven’t heard of before. That’s life! I'm not judging anyone, I'm just saying. That's what's gonna happen. 

For me, I try to reduce what I buy, use, and want. It's down right freakishly hard and I usually fail anyways. But I keep on trying. I have that guilt every time I buy something, which is good and it reminds me to think twice about a purchase. If I reduce the amount I consume, then something out there might stay alive a little longer. 

I believe wise consumerism is the answer to every single environmental problem. One important thing I learned about enviro science in school is, it’s human driven. I still believe it now. *pending on buying ipod nano but still browsing about it's cool function as a watch :P