Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Was My Bird Day... 3 Months Ago

By 10 am on my bird-day, Mum came in the house screaming, “My dear child, is it your birthday? Dewi (the girl next door and seriously is a ‘girl next door’ type) told me it was. She saw it on Pesbuk (Facebook)” my mum comes to kiss me with her nose as a literal Indonesian interpretation of ‘cium’ as in sniff.

After she kissed me she mumbled ‘Well, it is a Christian tradition. But doesn’t matter! I’ll give you a present! Do you want an ice cream? There’s a seller outside’.
Sure. Why not? I nodded.

For a second I though it was the best present I’ve ever had. My Mum never remembers my birthday, let alone gives me prezzies. So I was gonna chow down that ice cream on bread like a dog that hasn’t eaten for a day.

My initial reaction:

Then I realized it was Durian flavor. Thus my reaction. Hhhhh… still one of my best presents eva! Gotta love my Mum!