Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Grew Up and Getting Old

I sat in a restaurant alone today, waiting for my friends to appear. It was a work thing. My phone ran out of batteries and I couldn't do anything to help myself. I had a phone, I had a power bank, but I didn't have a cable. Worse part was I had to do something online, which could just take 2 mere minutes, and I still screwed up. I've been screwing up lately, when it comes to technology. I know I haven't been the best at it, but I feel like I'm falling a lot more.

The thing that irritated me during my wait was how much I wanted to charge my phone. Yes, I had to think that because I had some obligations to fulfill, but I just wish that I was able to think of something else other than wanting to charge. I sat there for one and a half hour consumed by hoping one of my friends came with a charging cable, so I can redeem myself of my long period of screwing up. All that 1,5 hour was spent about me trying to save my ass, when in fact I could be worrying the safety of my friends because they were really late, thinking of work a little more or ... just... something else. I've become so selfish. Agrh!

Once my phone did light up, it took so slow to load up any app that I needed to use. A long road of poop!

Which brings me to another point of contemplation, if my phone was better and I had enough amount of power in my life, where would I be? Would I be staring down at my phone endlessly browsing through the flood of information, or would I be doing something that I would be doing had I not have a phone in the first place?

People change because of the cellphone, I really understand that now.